Josh Thomson taunts UFC President Dana White: ”Don’t be scared homie”

Josh Thomson

Josh Thomson explains why UFC President Dana White is afraid of cross-promotional fights.

During Thomson’s recent interview with’s Natasha Hooper, the former Strikeforce lightweight Champion compared Bellator fighters to the top-ranked UFC welterweights. He said:

“People wanna say ‘Oh, the UFC has [Kamaru] Usman, they’ve got Colby Covington. I would put Lima against those two guys any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

“I think Lima could knock them both out. I think Lima is just as big as Usman, and he’s a way better striker and can stop the takedowns. So, if you want to match those guys up? All we’re waiting is for the go-ahead from Dana. If they wanna make that fight, let’s make that fight!

“Douglas has all the abilities, not just to beat those guys, but any guys in any organization. I would right now say that Lima is the best welterweight in the world.”

Douglas Lima
Image: @PhenomLima on Twitter

However, UFC kingpin Dana White has been hesitant to engage in cross-promotion fights in the past. Josh Thomson gives his thoughts on why:

“That’s ‘cos Dana feels he has a lot to lose. But to quote the famous Nick Diaz, ‘Don’t be scared homie.’”

“It’s one of those things, he has to bury his ego and put it to the side, but I know it’s not good for business if their guys lose, I understand that’s why.

“Or even Ryan Bader vs Stipe Miocic, I think he [Bader] beats him, because he’s wrestling is better, his striking is faster. Now, I’m not saying he has the power of Stipe, but when it comes to the wrestling aspect and pushing the pace, Ryan Bader can beat Stipe- there’s no doubt in my mind.

“But if I was to match Bader with [Daniel] Cormier, Ryan would have a way harder time of getting the win, if at all.

“At 185 pounds, I put Gegard Mousasi or [Rafael] Lovato Jr against [Israel] Adesanya all day long. Mousasi can nullify his standup, ‘cos he’s such a good defensive stand up fighter as well as an offensive stand up fighter. He’s also hands-down way better on the ground. Gegard could win on the feet or on the ground.”

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