Dillon Danis bashes Tyron Woodley in multi-day Twitter attack

Dillon Danis, Ben Askren

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley recently posed for a photo with his former American Top Team training partner Jorge Masvidal, which ruffled some feathers in the MMA community, given that Masvidal just knocked out Woodley’s friend Ben Askren. One of the people to chime in on this issue is Bellator MMA star Dillon Danis.

In fact, Danis has spent the better part of a week chastising Woodley on Twitter.

“If my close friend and life long training partner got viciously ko’d by someone then hit multiple times when he was unconscious i wouldn’t be posing for a picture with that guy,” Danis wrote in his first Tweet on the matter. “Funny how all these guys are bitch made, loyalty is hard to come by.”

“You’re my bitch @TWooodley until further notice act accordingly,” Danis added.

“One fighter is undefeated the other one is a pussy,” he wrote in a third Tweet that included a picture of himself and Woodley.

After this initial salvo, Dillon Danis took a few days off, but ultimately went back to harassing Woodley on Wednesday.

This time around, he used a picture to do his talking, mocking Woodley’s hair cut.

So far, Woodley has seemingly only responded to one of these Tweets from Dillon Danis. In his response, he advised the Bellator fighter to tread lightly.

“I’m not these MMA fighters bruh,” he wrote. “I’ll get yo bitch ass scraped. Hush while your mouth still works.”

What do you make of this growing beef between Dillon Danis and Tyron Woodley?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 7/31/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM