Pacquiao will postpone retirement for Mayweather rematch

By bjpenndotcom - January 1, 2016

While Manny Pacquiao may have lost his first fight with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, that hasn’t stopped him from wanting to get a rematch with ‘Money’.

manny pacquiao celebrates

There’s been much speculation as to who Pacquiao’s next opponent would be given that his retirement is on the horizon, however on New Years Eve it was revealed that he would be fighting Timothy Bradley once again.

The way Pacquiao sees it, he’d be willing to postpone retiring if it meant he could have a rematch with Mayweather, who is currently retired.

He spoke to

“I have been very vocal about it (fighting Mayweather) even before the Bradley fight was made official on New Year’s eve. The reason is simple, I want to end my 21-year boxing career with a big bang so to speak.” “And what would be the biggest fight to end a career than fighting the best and finest boxer at least in this era? We could have given that last May when we faced each other but due to unavoidable circumstances, sports fans failed to get the results they wanted. Not that Floyd’s legacy and mine can still be questioned but wouldn’t it be more colorful and meaningful closing our respective careers on higher notes at the same time putting an end, too, on the business we started but we were unable to finish?”


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