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Logan Paul says Floyd Mayweather’s team offered him a rematch: “Bro, pay me for the first f*****g fight”

Logan Paul claims Floyd Mayweather’s team reached out to offer him a rematch.

Paul and Mayweather fought in June of 2021 with the fight going all eight rounds in an exhibition bout. Since then, however, Paul has accused Mayweather of not paying him – roughly two to five million, he revealed – but the pro boxer came out and said that was not true and the YouTuber-turned-boxer wanted a rematch.

“He wants part two. Now remember, this is the same guy that said he didn’t get paid. So, a lot of times stop listening to all the bulls**t that people [say]. You know, like I say, clout-chasing,” Mayweather said. You know, when you bring Floyd Mayweather name up, you stay relevant. I’m always the reaction. I’m not the action, I’m the reaction.”

Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul
Image Credit: Logan Paul’s Twitter

Although Floyd Mayweather says Logan Paul reached out for a rematch, the YouTuber says that is far from the truth. Instead, he claims when Mayweather was looking to do a boxing match on the helipad he reached out to him but he turned it down as he still hasn’t been paid for the first fight.

“Let me just set the record straight, why the f— would I ask for a rematch for someone who doesn’t pay you for the fight? If I haven’t been paid for the first one, why on God’s green earth would I ask for a second fight knowing damn well I’m probably not gonna get paid the money that I was owed for my work, you dumbass,” Paul said on The True Geordie podcast (via BoxingScene).

“Second off, they asked us for a rematch, 100 percent. He was supposed to fight on top of the Burj Al Arab, in Dubai, the seven-star hotel with the helipad up top. Would’ve been amazing. Got called a month and a half before because some sh!t happened to his opponent, ‘Hey, would you want to fight Floyd in a month and a half?’ Someone from his team or someone who at least thought they could get the deal done enough to make us a confidential phone call. I go, ‘What? Bro, pay me for the first f*****g fight.'”

Who is telling the truth between Mayweather and Paul is uncertain but perhaps the two do end up rematching in the future.

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