Eddie Hearn explains why Anthony Joshua is not interested in doing “something a little bit gimmicky” by fighting Francis Ngannou

By Harry Kettle - May 19, 2023

Eddie Hearn has explained why Anthony Joshua isn’t interested in a boxing match against Francis Ngannou right now.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Francis Ngannou had signed a blockbuster deal with PFL. However, it was also revealed that he won’t make his debut until 2024, instead giving him time to try and have his long-awaited boxing debut instead.

Plenty of names have been thrown out there as potential opponents. Unsurprisingly, though, the big three are Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

Joshua, in particular, is a name that’s been thrown around a lot lately. In the eyes of Eddie Hearn, though, we’re unlikely to see it go down anytime soon.

“I think the Francis Ngannou fight happens in the Middle East,” Hearn said. “It’s a kind of … not freak show, because Francis can box as well, but the big money comes there from the Middle East. And in August, it’s not really the time to do it [because of weather]. Mainly.

“I spoke to AJ about the fight,” Hearn continued. “He likes it and he gets it, but he’s very focused on his boxing career at the moment. And he doesn’t want to derail that to do something a little bit gimmicky. Even though it’s is dangerous, he wants to prepare for Deontay Wilder, and I think he doesn’t feel that Ngannou would prepare him for Deontay Wilder.”

Hearn questions Ngannou vs Joshua

“I had two hours with Francis Ngannou in a meeting in Vegas,” Hearn added. “One of the most fascinating meetings I’ve ever had. His story is unbelievable. I found myself just asking question after question about his life and how he ended up where he did. I don’t think anyone can relate, it’s unbelievable. He’s a very tough man, and a huge man, and he will be in a huge fight, I’m sure.”

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