VIDEO | UFC 5 – Wing Chun fighter vs. grappler ends very quickly

The interesting aspect of the early days of mixed martial arts was that most fighters had just a single discipline that they were skilled at. This would pit a particular martial arts style versus another and it was always intriguing to see which style would come out on top.

The sport of mixed martial arts has evolved to where fighters have to be well rounded in all aspects of MMA or face being exposed with having major holes in their game.

Here, we go back to UFC 5 where Asbel Cancio came in with a Wing Chun background to take on Dave Beneteau who came from a grappling background.

The fight is short-lived as Beneteau immediately takes Cancio to the ground before the Wing Chun fighter is even able to land a single strike. With no jiu-jitsu background, Cancio allows Beneteau to easily get in side control and move to the mount position and then the large grappler unloads vicious ground and pound until Cancio submits and the referee stops the fight.

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This article first appeared on on 5/17/2017.

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