#FBF | Ricardo Arona and Kareem Barkalev get into scuffle during JiuJitsu match

During his time under the Pride FC banner, Ricardo Arona earned the admiration of fans for moments such as his 2005 ‘Upset of the Year’ against Wanderlei Silva. Arona, an extremely accomplished JiuJitsu practitioner, ultimately took an indefinite hiatus in 2009 following a unanimous decision win over UFC vet Marvin Eastman in Brazil.

Back in his days as a JiuJitsu competitor, Arona was one of the most dominant grapplers to compete. In the 2000 quarter finals of ADCC, Arona was involved in a rather infamous scuffle with Kareem Barkalev.

During the opening moments of the match, Barkalev’s hand audibly smacks across the side of the head of Arona. That didn’t sit too well with the Brazilian, who was quick to fire back with a smack of his own. Barkalev quickly answered back by firing off a kick, which doesn’t appear to land. As the referee looks to de-escalate the situation, Barkalev continues to stalk down his opponent, attempting to push the referee aside as Arona backs up with his hands raised.

A handful of officials step in, and ultimately the two men wind up shaking hands.

Check out the throwback video above!

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 5/26/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM