VIDEO | JiuJitsu blue belt vs. 235 pound bodybuilder

In the early days of MMA, JiuJitsu was widely regarded to be the most dominant martial art given Royce Gracie’s dominance and success using his family’s Gracie JiuJitsu to win early UFC tournaments.

The Gracie family was known for holding events in their gyms which were dubbed ‘Gracie Challenges’ where a practitioner of another martial art would come into the gym and challenge a member of the Gracie Family to an MMA fight. The challenges were very popular, and a big part of the reason JiuJitsu was believed to be the most dominant martial art.

In the video above you can see two friends, one a JiuJitsu blue belt, and the other a body builder, rolling.

This article first appeared on on 6/6/2017.

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