VIDEO | Jiu-jitsu white belt vs. Kung Fu full contact combat match

Styles make fights, right?

Back at UFC 1, Royce Gracie was able to beat out much bigger opponents with his Brazilian jiu-jitsu experience as none of his opponents knew what to do against him on the ground.

Here, we take a look at a Taiwan Full Contact Kung Fu Combat matchup between a Brazilian jiu-jitsu white belt and a Kung Fu fighter.

The jiu-jitsu fighter doesn’t let the fight stay standing for very long in the exchanges as he gets the fight to the ground to implement his ground game. The jiu-jitsu fighter goes for an armbar and then ends up in a triangle until the match is reset after the whistle sounds. The two stand up again and the jiu-jitsu fighter lands a hard right hand sending the kung fu fighter to the mat. The kung fu fighter is given time to recover and the two get back to fighting and end up on the ground again. The jiu-jitsu fighter attempts another armbar only to be stopped by the whistle again. The two reset and end up on the ground once more where the jiu-jitsu fighter locks on a rear-naked choke, forcing his opponent to submit.

Shows that even with a bit of experience as a jiu-jitsu white belt, this fighter displayed some skills in the full contact match.

This article first appeared on on 5/19/2017.

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