VIDEO | Gym challenge ends in brutal fashion with TKO

While the days of style vs. style gym fights have passed, for the most part, gym scraps are still rather frequent. In one gym challenge, two men donned in what appear to be MMA gloves exchange leather for just moments before a knee from the clinch begins the exchange that leads to the finish. The man delivers a slam so devastating that not only does it end the fight, but it opens up a massive cut on the head of the loser. The referee checks up on the loser as the camera zooms in on his extremely bloody head.

The slam was very reminiscent of a Rampage Jackson style slam KO that earned Rampage his ferocious reputation while competing in Pride FC. Slams on the head of course are illegal under the unified rules of MMA now, and spiking an opponent on their head is no longer legal due to the high likelihood of paralysis from broken necks.

This article first appeared on on 5/12/2017.

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