VIDEO | BJJ instructor saves police officer from attacker

In the early days of the UFC, BJJ was believed to be the most dominant form of martial arts due to the success Royce Gracie found in the early days of the UFC using Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to dominate the early UFC tournaments while his opponents found themselves unable to comprehend what exactly Gracie was doing on the ground.

In this video, which is several years old, JiuJitsu instructor Pedro Arrigoni quickly used his BJJ experience to leap into action in order to save a police officer from being attacked by a man he allegedly tried to give a ticket to moments before Arrigoni intervened. As you can see in the video, after pulling the man off the Police Officer and applying a rear-naked choke, the man quickly gave up.

Quick disclaimer, while the video above is certainly an impressive one, and Arrigoni certainly deserved praise for helping the police officer in his time of need, such situations are extremely dangerous.

This article first appeared on on 5/16/2017.

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