White Not Impressed With Tito, But Keeping Him In Hall-Of-Fame

“Who gives a shit what Tito wants. Does anybody really give a shit what Tito wants? Good for Tito. Let him stay over in Viacom MMA and make some money and try and stay relevant. I don’t care what Tito wants.”

During today’s media scrum, UFC President Dana White addressed the recent success of Tito Ortiz and the anti-UFC rants he had following his recent Bellator 120 victory.

The UFC boss also addressed Tito’s slot in the companies Hall-Of-Fame,

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“It’s just sort of a way to honor the guys who have been here, and the way that we’ve done it, the guys who have been here since we’ve owned [the UFC], other than Coleman and Royce. Everybody’s honored, and Tito was all pumped up the day he went in. He showed up with his white suit and his white shirt and his white tie.”

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