White: ‘If you don’t like 145’ers you’re not a fight fan’

“I love watching Renan Barao fight; I’m a big Renan Barao fan. What don’t you love about Renan Barao? He goes out and he finishes and he wrecks people. I’m still going back and forth with the Jon Jones-Renan Barao thing, but I think without a doubt Renan is the No. 2 ranked… If you tell me, I don’t like watching 145 pounders, I’m not into it, you’re not a fight fan.”

“We forget, nobody was talking about Anderson Silva when Anderson Silva wasn’t being called all the great things he’s being called today. It took a long time. It took a long time for Chuck Liddell. These things don’t happen over night. There’s some guys who burst onto the scene overnight like Conor McGregor, but other guys take longer. When you look at the numbers and you look at Renan Barao’s fights, he’s all there. He’s the kind of guy that I like to watch. He’s a killer, he comes in and he tries to finish you.”

“I’ve heard every stupid thing you can possibly hear. I hear he’s not handsome enough, I hear he doesn’t speak English. Listen, if you’re showing up to see handsome guys speak on Saturday you’re coming to the wrong fucking show, okay?”

During yesterday’s media scrum, UFC President Dana White defended tomorrow’s UFC 173 main event between Renan Barao and TJ Dillashaw.


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