White Believes Faber And Dillashaw Will Fight

By BJPENN.COM News - September 2, 2014

“It’s no different than GSP and Rory Macdonald… You don’t run around saying ‘I’ll fight him tomorrow. I want his belt.’ and all these stuff. And all of these guys believe they can beat each other in the back of their minds, since they all train together.”

“But when it all comes down to it, Faber would 100% fight him for way less than a billion dollars, and TJ would definitely fight him.”

“It’s like Rory MacDonald is in GSP’s house – meaning his gym – he’s not gonna run around saying I want GSP for the belt. There’s a time and a place and a way to do that. You’re never gonna hear the guy say it publicly. They would never do that.”

“Faber’s got to be in a position to fight for the title. He has to beat somebody and be in that position first, and if he is, I promise you he will do it. I know he will. And I know TJ will fight him, too.”

During Saturday’s sitdown with the media, UFC President Dana White discussed the potential teammate-vs-teammate bout between Urijah Faber and T.J. Dillashaw.


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