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White Addresses Fighter Sponsor Woes: ‘It’s not my F***ing Problem’

During today’s UFC media scrum, Dana White discussed the never-ending topic of fighter income.

A fighter makes their contracted wage that the UFC pays and they can also take advantage of the real estate on their fighting attire to make additional income from sponsors.

The sponsor market is not what it once was and many blame the UFC’s sponsor tax and/or their lack of support for undercard and mid-range fighters. Either way though, Dana made his position clear.

Check it:

“It’s not my fucking problem. Getting sponsorship is a problem. It’s tough. it’s hard to do. That question is ridiculous. If a guy fights on Fight Pass, first of all, he’s getting paid to fight. That’s what he’s getting paid for. That’s what he does. How sponsorship works out for a guy is not my problem. That is not my problem. He’s a fighter, he gets paid to fight, period, end of story. Whatever extra money he makes outside of the UFC with sponsors and all that shit, that’s his fucking deal.”

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