What job would Dana White never want?

By bjpenndotcom - January 2, 2016

UFC President Dana White generally has a pretty thankless job.

Dana White

The UFC President is seldom praised, but is criticized rather quickly when things go wrong with UFC events. However, with that being said there is one job that the UFC President would never want to have; NFL Commissioner.

He spoke on The Seth Davis Show:

“I dream of a day we’re as big as the NFL in the United States, but we’re just going to keep putting our head down, plugging forward, doing what we do.”

That got the UFC President thinking, at which point he explained why he’d never want Goodell’s job:

“Let me tell you this: I wouldn’t want that guy’s job if there were no jobs left on Earth. The problem with everybody with Goodell is you see the stuff he has to handle on a day-to-day basis, and that isn’t even that much of what he has to handle behind the scenes.

“I know what goes on here (at the UFC), and Goodell’s job? Let me tell you what: I put that up there with being president of the United States. That’s a job that will age you quickly.”

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