Wanderlei Silva’s NAC hearing pushed to the sidelines yet again

By Russell Ess - January 12, 2016

MMA legend Wanderlei Silva looks like he will continue to be stuck in the doldrums as his Nevada Athletic Commission hearing that was supposed to take place along with Nick Diaz on Tuesday was postponed once again.

Silva who evaded a random drug test in Nevada ahead of his UFC 175 bout scheduled against Chael Sonnen was served a lifetime ban and $70,000 fine from the NAC, but a Nevada district court judge would later overturn the ban and fine. The date on Tuesday was for a re-hearing of Silva’s case.

MMA Fighting reported what Ross Goodman who is representing Silva had to say on the NAC’s court gestures.

“This was ordered for re-hearing back in October,” Goodman argued. “The commission then continued it to November for another re-hearing, approval on a proposed consent order. The commission then moved it, at that time, to December. The commission then took it off calendar and moved it to January.

“So by continuing to move this hearing for Wanderlei, it is violating his due process rights. He has a due process right to have his re-hearing heard, to bring finality to it, so that he can take whatever legal recourse he wants. But it appears, for no reason, that the commission is now moving this, which should’ve been heard some four months ago.”

NAC chairman Anthony Marnell who gave reasoning for the delay due to a change of staff positioning with the NAC and needing everyone to get up to speed, assured Goodman a re-hearing in February.