Vigilante MMA Store Clerk Invited To Train At Blackhouse

By BJPENN.COM News - August 2, 2014

“That fighter from the convenience store, I want him to come train with us. I want him for sure. As soon as I saw that video and saw he was from Houston, I started calling a couple of people from Houston, like, ‘Hey, do you know this guy?’ So, whoever you are, I can’t remember his name so I don’t want to mess it up; if you watch this, put the call out, come train with us, Kenny Johnson and Ed Soares said to come to Black House and train, 100 percent. His skills are good, he’s a big guy, we need big guys in here. Please, come from Texas, come on out, you can train Muay Thai with Daniel Vajo, wrestling with me, jiu-jitsu with whoever you want. We got 20 black belts in here. Please come train with us, that would be fantastic.”

Remember THIS GUY.

He’s an international MMA champ working at a Gas Station in Texas and he totally destroyed three would-be robbers with his brutal attacking skills. (FULL REPLAY HERE)

Well now, the vigilante fighter gets a shot to train with the world’s leading fight team over at Blackhouse MMA.

Pretty cool!

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