UFC Vet Ricardo Almeida Selected For UFC Judge For Fox 3 Card | UFC NEWS

UFC veteran Ricardo Almeida has been announced as one of the judges for the UFC’s upcoming event in New Jersey for UFC on FOX 3. This move breaths new life into the world of MMA judging. Almeida is an accomplished jiu-jitsu player and has been in the Octagon before. He knows what goes on in the cage and won’t be afraid to give a round to a fighter who attacks off their back, for example.

This is an exciting announcement as UFC veterans make the perfect judges on paper. Judging has been the target of critics for years, but with a high level fighter like Almeida joining the ranks of UFC judge, hopefully we can see less controversy over close decisions.

Will having a UFC vet as well respected as Almeida make the scoring process more accurate?

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