UFC on FOX 7 Preliminary Card Live Play-By-Play

By bjpenndotcom - April 20, 2013
Image Courtesy MMAFighting.com

Image Courtesy MMAFighting.com

The UFC on FOX 7 Preliminary card kicks off at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Image Courtesy MMAFighting.com

For those who missed the live broadcast or are unable to catch the action we have this live results and play-by-play for you.

Tune in here at 4:00 p.m. to catch all the action on your computer screen or catch up on results as they go down.



Round 1 – The first fight of the night saw a UFC veteran in Clifford Starks battling a UFC newcomer in Yoel Romero. The fight was mainly contested on the feet with both men finding their range and looking to use combinations to close in.

Neither man was able to attain a takedown and the fight remained on the feet for its lifespan.

The fight came to an abrupt and explosive end at 1:32 of the first when Yoel Romero extended his win column and his knockout streak with a flying knee that dropped Starks followed up with a few shots on the ground for good measure.

Official Decision: Yoel Romero defeats Clifford Starks via KO (strikes) at 1:32 of Round 1.



Round 1 – The final Facebook preliminary bout featured two lightweights eager for a UFC win. Njokuani looked to avoid dropping two in a row. Bowling, came in for his first UFC bout since the integration of Strikeforce talent.

Njokuani sought to keep the fight on the fight, where he felt he held a significant striking advantage. Bowling was content with wherever the fight ended up both mixing up strikes with some successful takedowns and grappling pressure.

The first round followed a paced, back and forth affair where neither fighter seemed comfortable to take the lead of the fight.

Round 2 – The second round carried much of the same essence as the first with both men not separating themselves from the other, landing short combos with no real success or significant strikes.

This was until Njokuani broke from the same routine and landed a hard counter left hook that sent Bowling face-first into Njokuani’s shoulder, before slumping off to the side and landing on the mat, clearly out of it, before the referee pulled an attacking Njokuani off of him.

Official Decision: Anthony Njokuani defeats Roger Bowling via Knockout (punch) at 2:52 of Round 2.



Round 1 – This fight started as most batntamweight fights do, with a blistering pace out of the gate. The wide-stanced Viana kept his movement swift leaping in and out, eventually catching Dillashaw and dropping him. Dillashaw returned to his feet and acquired a good takedown and quickly took Viana’s back.

Viana Was able to get up and the two began a hellacious exchange that saw both men staggered. Dillashaw created speace and started to pick his shots more carefully. Dillashaw’s patience paid off as he then dropped Viana but was unable to capitalize on the hard-headed Brazilian.

Both men now slowed their pace, working their quick, moving combinations in and out, both landing effective punches and kicks. Dillashaw worked his improved muay thai under the tutelage of Duane Ludwig and worked his striking to perfection late in the round, catching Viana a straight right hand while backing up, dropping Viana. Viana stood back up but was swarmed by Dillashaw who smelled blood, attacking relentlessly until he brought Viana down to the mat with strikes and kept throwing until Big John McCarthy pulled Dillashaw off, saving Viana.

Official Decision: T.J. Dillashaw wins via TKO (strikes) at 4:22 of Round 1.



Round 1 – Another Strikeforce vs. UFC match pitted two dangerous lightweights against one another. Masvidal stayed light on his feet, lunging in with quick jabs and straights, some of which landed with lethal intent. Means remained a bit stiff early on and had less than swift head movement, only moving a fraction of what he should have to off-center his head.

Masvidal remained in control of the standup and was even caught by a spinning back elbow that landed, but didn’t rock him. Masvidal started to integrate kicks in to his striking as well, landing to the body of Means. The first takedown came when Masvidal wrapped Means up and slammed him down hard on to Means’ hands and knees. Means was able to get back to his feet but Masvidal retained his clinch.

Means eventually broke the clinch landed a kick of his own to the leg of Means. He then shot in for a failed takedown attempt. In the closing twenty seconds, Means started to open up landing a nice two-punch combination that finished with a hard hook to the body, the last significant strike of the first round.

Round 2 – Both men land a straight punch before getting back to finding range. Means advanced on Masvidal who was fine with planting his feet and countering. Means chose his angles much more carefully this round, forcing an ineffective Masvidal to shoot in for a takedown that he would get. Means used a huge up-kick to create space and get back to his feet. They exchanged big shots until Masvidal landed another takedown, followed by a scramble, and yet another takedown, scoring big points for Masvidal.

Masvidal remained on top and stayed in the guard of Means, dropping punches on Means, who did little to escape his bottom position. Masvidal was cut while on top by a sharp elbow by Means, causing Masvidal to open up his ground strikes, finishing the round alternating punches, until the round ended.

Round 3 – The third saw Means, once again, advancing. Means landed a nice shot that landed on masvidal who played it off confidently. Means stayed active and started to move and throw punches with more fluidity. After a failed flying-knee attempt, Masvidal wrapped up and dragged Mean’s to the mat for his fifth takedown. Means was able to get up and faced off with the now blood-soaked face of Masvidal. Masvidal again landed an effective takedown although he ate a few hard elbows from Means on the bottom. Masvidal didn’t attempt to pass guard but instead worked strikes and scored points with the judges, all while Means stayed active with loose submission attempts and slicing elbows.

Means was able to sweep with a kimura attempt and attacked Masvidal in the final moments of the final round.

Official Decision: Jorge Masvidal defeats Tim Means via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29,28)



Round 1 – Benavidez looked to keep this one standing as he stayed well outside takedown range and stayed very agile. Benavidez kept up an extremely aggresive pace and was able to rock Uyenoyama and even followed the jib-jitsu ace to the ground, but only briefly. Benavidez continued to control the standup game, eating a few kicks but staying on the offensive and landed several significant shots. Benavidez showed the improved ,uay thai and absolutely dropped Uyenoyama with a head kick to the back of the head, yet Uyenoyama recovered quickly, only to be taken down hard.

Benavidez let the fight return to its feet and remained aggressive, advancing on Uyenoyama’s position until the bell rang signifying the end of round one.

Round 2 – Benavidez didn’t skip a beat coming in to the second, throwing a diverse series of strtikes and keeping Uyenoyama on the defensive with his hands held high to block his head. Benavidez seemed to never have two feet on the ground at the same time, throwing kicks to the head and body. Uyenoyama had some success as he countered a Benavidez charge by wrapping him momentarily, only to land, alone on his back, while Benavidez’ fist followed him to the mat.

The two resumed the striking game, still with Benavidez controlling every second of every exchange. Benavidez landed a gruesome body kick that visibly hurt Uyenoyama. Benavidez saw the anguish look in Uyenoyama’s face and attacked, landing hooks to the body while Uyenoyama reeled backwards. Benavidez landed one more clean left hand to the body of Uyenoyama, which dropped him. Benavidez saw light at the end of the tunnel and finished the fight with a few extra punches before Herb Dean intervened.

Official Decision: Joseph Benavidez defeats Daren Uyenoyama via TKO (punches to the body and head) at 4:50 of Round 2



Round 1 – Ultimate Fighter veterans sqaured off in a fight kicked off by wild punches from both men. After an interesting ground scramble, Jury found himself working to get out from under Nijem, and finally got to a knee and then back to his feet. Jury got control on the cage and shot in on Nijem, scoring a takedown and leaping for back control, yet settling without the hooks. Jury locked in a body triangle just before being swept to his back. Jury stayed aware, locking in an armbar on Nijem who defended properly but remained in trouble. Nijem was able to explode out of the attempt and grab the back of Jury, just before Nijem attained a similar, hook-less position on the back of Jury. Jury once more swept and scrambled on top of Nijem, maintaining a dominant position. Nijem wasn’t outdone on the ground, however, as he lifted Jury up and scored a takedown and a pass in to back control once more, to finish a razor-thin round on top.

Round 2 – The second round started with an early eye poke on Nijem. Jury almost landed a now-illegal head kick but pulled it back and landed it on the shoulder of Nijem. When the fight resumed, both fighters took the center of the cage and exchanged a few weak shots. Jury brought a violent end to this fight as he landed a huge counter overhand right on Nijem as he charged forward with his torso leaning forward, sending Nijem to the mat. Nijem was unconscious before his knees had a chance to buckle.

Official Decision: Miles Jury defeats Ramsey Nijem via knockout (punch) at 1:02 of Round 2



Round 1 – A technical start to this round set an early pace. Both fighters looked to utilize kicks to soften their opponent while Carmont enjoyed a six-inch reach advantage. Carmont eas the first to look for a takedown as the TriStar Gym member grabbed a leg and chased Larkin backwards, all the while, Larkin kept his balance with an incredible series of hops as Carmont lifted Larkin’s leg almost all the way to a 180 degree angle. Larkin got away from the takedown attempt but went on the defensive, backing away from Carmont’s pressure, with no success on the feet in a round that Carmont seemed to have won.

Round 2 – Carmont walked Larkin down to start the second as he perhaps sensed that Larkin’s pace had slowed. Carmont was scoring with the judges with his constant advances. Larkin seemed to sense himself backing up a little too much as he start to throw powerful kicks to the legs and body or Carmont. Carmont continued, unfazed, by the kicks of Larkin and never took a step backwards. Larkin began to frequent a quick oblique kick to slow Carmont’s pace. Carmont again shot for a takedown after a clean uppercut from Larkin and used an ankle pick to get Larkin down, although it was extremely brief.

The two broke free once more, exchanging kicks and jabs. Larkin began to find his range with some brutal leg kicks that seemed to have an impact on the left leg of Carmont. Carmont kept to his strategy, though. Larkin showed off his skills by landing a spinning back-kick to the leg of Carmont, but was taken down shortly afterwards and remained on the bottom for the closing seconds of the round.

Round 3 – Carmont, possibly hurt by the leg kicks from round 2, shot in early for a takedown in round 3, getting Larkin to the ground and eventually grabbing the back of Larkin. Larkin showed his incredible takedown defense and never went fully down, eventually separating once more. Larkin didn’t have much of an answer during the later exchanges in the fight and was taken down once more, with Carmont advancing his ground position for the first time in the fight. Carmont was threatened by a loose gogoplata but easily pushed through the attempt and continued to smother Larkin. Larkin used mission control to briefly stop Carmont from advancing or landing shots. Carmont broke free but was placed in a kimura that Larkin used to sweep. Larkin stood back up immediately yet showed no sense of urgency in a fight that he didn’t dictate the pace of. the two stood in front of one another landing little to nothing for the final minute of the fight.

Official Decision: Francis Carmont defeats Lorenz Larkin via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)



Round 1 – Mendes looked to keep his knockout streak alive as he battled Darren Elkins in the final preliminary bout. Mendes looked to land heavy and early and did so with a big right hand that sent Elkins stumbling backwards. Mendes moved up and landed another huge right hand that put Elkins down for good. This marked the third win by a member of Team Alpha Male tonight, and the third by a stoppage due to strikes.

Official Decision: Chad Mendes defeats Darren Elkins via TKO (strikes) at 1:08 of Round 1


Quick Results:

Chad Mendes defeats Darren Elkins via TKO (strikes) at 1:08 of Round 1.
Francis Carmont defeats Lorenz Larkin via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
Myles Jury defeats Ramsey Nijem via knockout (punch) at 1:02 of Round 2.
Joseph Benavidez defeats Darren Uyenoyama via TKO (punches to the body and head) at 4:50 of Round 2.
Jorge Masvidal defeats Tim Means via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
T.J. Dillashaw defeats Hugo Viana via TKO at 4:22 of Round 1.

PRELIMINARY CARD: (Facebook, 4 p.m. ET)
Anthony Njokuani defeats Roger Bowling via knockout at 2:52 of Round 2
Yoel Romero defeats Clifford Starks via knockout at 1:32 of Round 1.
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