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UFC on FOX 13 Results: Jedrzejczyk Wins Bloody Brawl Against Gadelha

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Jedrzejczyk did a decent job at fighting off the first round takedown, but Gadelha eventually dragged her down. As soon as the fight hit the mat, Gadelha transitioned to half guard and worked for a clock choke. Jedrzejczyk brilliantly defended and made it back to her feet. Despite being up against the fence, Jedrzejczyk was still able to land damaging knees. Gadelha eventually backed off the takedown and made her way to the middle of the octagon. With seconds remaining, Jedrzejczyk caught Gadelha with a HUGE right uppercut that dropped her. Gadelha was lucky to be saved by the bell and see another round.

Despite suffering an immediate takedown slam, the second round was a showcase for Jedrzejczyk’s striking skills. Her side steps and approach in striking was top-notch and she caught Gadelha with several combinations. Gadelha eventually grew tired of trying to outstrike the striker and executed a nice throw takedown. Again, Jedrzejczyk was able to avoid danger by scooting to the cage fence and wall-walking back to her feet.

By the time the second round expired, Gadelha possessed five minutes of top control. However, she did not do much with the positioning. Jedrzejczyk did more damage than her opponent, but judging in mixed martial arts can be tricky.

As soon as the third round kicked off, an inadvertent headbutt caused a severe cut over the left eye of Gadelha. Both fighters were moving in and nobody was at fault. After a brief inspection of the cut, the doctor allowed the bout to continue.

Seeing her own blood lit a fire under the butt of Gadelha who fought like a women possessed. She landed three takedowns and nailed her with some big shots in the process. Gadelha controlled the round until final minute where it was an all out brawl. Both ladies landed decent shots until the horn expired, and it was still evident there was animosity between the two. Gadelha landed a punch after the bell then she immediately claimed she did not hear it.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk def. Claudia Gadelha by way of Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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