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‘UFC Fight Night 29’ Preliminary Card Play-By-Play And Live Results

Tonight from the Jose Correa Arena in Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil the UFC hits Fox Sports 1 with ‘UFC Fight Night 29: Maia vs. Shields.’

Starting at 2:00 p.m. PT / 5:00 p.m. ET, BJPENN.COM will be providing live play-by-play results of the event starting with the first fight of the preliminary card through the main event between Demian Maia and Jake Shields.

Looking for the main card play-by-play and results? Find them HERE!

Preliminary Card Results
Alan Patrick defeated Garett Whiteley by way of TKO (Punches) 3:54 of Round 1
Chris Cariaso defeated Iliarde Santos by way of TKO (Punches) 4:31 of Round 2
Yan Cabral defeated David Mitchell by way of unanimous decision. (30-27)
Igor Araujo defeated Ildemar Alcantara by way of unanimous decision. (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Round 1 – Patrick shoots for a takedown within the first twenty seconds and he’s now on top. Whiteley is back to his feet but eats a short forearm from Patrick. They’re back in the middle of the octagon. Patrick throws a hook from far away but whiffs. Whiteley just took a kick to the groin and the hometown crowd is booing. Surprised? I’m not, but I love it. Fun atmosphere here in Brazil. The action resumes and they touch gloves once again. Patrick threw a capoeira kick and almost landed it, but followed through with a hook. Whiteley responds with an uppercut. Patrick throws a spinning elbow that barely lands and finally lands a solid hook. Patrick is getting reckless, but Whiteley isn’t making him pay for it so why stop? Patrick CRACKS Whiteley with a huge left hand and Whiteley is in trouble. Patrick dives on the fallen Whiteley and the referee calls it— Patrick is the victor!

Alan Patrick defeated Garett Whiteley by way of TKO (Punches) 3:54 of Round 1


Round 1 – Cariaso gets booed as the foreigner in Brazil, and Santos is the heavy crowd favorite. Long opening minute with almost no connected shots; almost all of them were blocked. Cariaso starts to mix it up with a leading leg kick to a lunging jab. Santos misses with a wild hook and absorbs a leg kick. Cariaso is looking to keep Santos at bay with a high kick but Santos lands a tripping takedown and is now on top. Cariaso eats a couple stiff shots. Santos is very active on the ground, constantly looking to transition and has a back mount. He transitions into a kneebar but Cariaso spins out. They’re back on their feet but Santos has Cariaso pressed against the cage. 2 minutes left at this point. Santos pushes off the cage and tries to separate with a spinning elbow. Santos connects with a hook to the face of Cariaso then a body shot, Cariaso now walks away from the action to reset. Santos is looking for a double against the cage but it’s a no go. He tries again, picks Cariaso up and secures another takedown with 20 seconds left in the round. He’s in Cariaso’s guard as the round ends. 10-9 Santos.

Round 2 – Round starts and Cariaso is clearly a bit more careful with his combinations now. Santos is doing a good job countering, constantly landing a left hand. Cariaso is getting popped with jabs and hooks. Santos hits a knee to the body of Cariaso and the crowd is really getting into it. Cariaso is landing consecutive shots and Santos wobbles back; Cariaso is now on top of Santos. Santos looks like he’s with it but he keeps eating hammerfists. The crowd is now really quiet. Within seconds of getting back up, the crowd roared as Santos landed some shots of his own. With Cariaso pressed against the cage, Santos has fully recovered at this point. Cariaso lands a body kick and Santos lands another knee to the body. Santos eats a head kick and continues to press forward. He falls to his knees after shooting for a takedown, gets back up, stumbles back and eats another shot. Cariaso hits Santos with a knee and Santos bounces onto the cage, gets popped with a hook and puts his head and hands down but he’s still standing. Cariaso follows through with two shots and the fight is over. The referee calls the fight. Questionable stoppage, but Santos wasn’t going to recover any time soon.

Chris Cariaso defeated Iliarde Santos by way of TKO (Punches) 4:31 of Round 2


Round 1 – Mitchell is quick to test the striking of Cabral, keeping him on the outside. Cabral lands a leg kick and grapples and takes him down. Cabral has one hook in, and a second hook. Cabral is on top and has full mount but is playing it sloppy and postures up for strikes. Mitchell escapes. Cabral once again has his back. Cabral almost has one forearm sunk in and Mitchell escapes yet again. Cabral just misses with the right hand and is on top of Mitchell. Mitchell tries to control the wrist and setup a triangle, but Cabral is too smart for this and backs off. Cabral is in side control now and once again, transitions to the back but Mitchell is in no real danger yet. Mitchell is back to his feet and goes for a spinning strike but misses and Cabral is looking for a takedown, pressing Mitchell against the fence. Horn sounds. 10-9 Cabral.

Round 2 – Mitchell is once again very active in the start of the round but Cabral counters with a straight hand that drops Mitchell! Cabral dives on him and they scramble for a bit but Cabral doesn’t capitalize on it! He had a full mount and his back, but Mitchell still ended up in the offensive position almost sinking in a figure four foot lock. Cabral is now on top after escaping the attempted lock and is looking to submit Mitchell with a head-arm triangle but Mitchell escapes any danger. Mitchell makes it back to his feet and has Cabral pressed against the cage. Cabral is gassed. Mitchell locks up Cabral’s arm in the style of a kimura and drags him to the ground. Mitchell loses the offensive positioning and Cabral is on top yet again. Now, he’s keeping his head down and it looks like he’s looking to catch his breath. Mitchell gets back to his feet but Cabral takes it right back to the mat and is softening him up with pitter-patter shots. The round ends with Cabral pressing Mitchell against the fence. 10-9 Cabral.

Round 3 – Despite what happened at the opening of Round 2, Mitchell is still confident in his striking and presses forward. Cabral avoids all shots and even counters with kicks. Cabral goes for a takedown and Mitchell is on his back again; that looked easy for Cabral. Cabral shows rays of brilliance in grappling when it comes to transitions but can’t lock anything in. Cabral goes to full mount and is high on Mitchell’s chest. Mitchell esacpes danger as Cabral transitions to side control for some reason. He is once again on Mitchell’s back. Once again, Mitchell escapes. Mitchell turns to his side, gets on all fours and tries to get up but Cabral once again takes his back. Mitchell rolls out again. Mitchell barely lands a triangle but Cabral is so slippery he just slides right out. Cabral is once again on top and is positioned for a clock choke but Mitchell escapes. Round ends with Cabral on top and Mitchell swinging desperately on the bottom. 10-9 Cabral.

Yan Cabral defeated David Mitchell by way of unanimous decision. (30-27)


Round 1 – Igor throws a few strikes that backs Alcantara up. Igor shoots for a double but fails. Igor throws a knee and Alcantara catches it then throws Igor to the ground. Igor gets back to his feet. They switch places with their backs pressed against the cage. Alcantara lands a really nice knee to the body. Igor shoots for a takedown but Alcantara somehow ends up on top in Igor’s guard. As Alcantara tries to transition Igor almost gets in the advantageous position but Alcantara is back on top. Igor is looking to get back up but he walks into a choke from Alcantara! Alcantara almost put him to sleep but Igor escapes and is in Alcantara’s guard. Igor is staying busy on top, throwing strikes. Busy round for both men, but I’d give it to Alcantara. 10-9 Alcantara.

Round 2 – Both men are a little more careful at the open of the round but Igor shoots for a takedown and eats the knee. Alcantara ends up on top of Igor and Igor shows off some beautiful BJJ skills as he almost locks in an omoplata and a gogoplata. Alcantara escapes and is back to his feet. He postures over Igor and lands two nice shots to the gut. Alcantara needs to look out for the up-kick. Igor eats a shot to the face as Alcantara goes back to the ground. Alcantara lets Igor stand back up. Igor lands a nice right but eats a shot himself, and Alcantara takes control once again as he takes him down. Igor was never on his back, though, as he immediately transitioned to top position. Igor looks to set up the D’arce Choke twice in a row but fails. The round ends with Igor, once again, staying busy on top throwing strikes. 10-9 Araujo.

Round 3 – Alcantara was slow to get up at the end of the round and Igor is visibly tired on his stool. This could be a long round. Alcantara presses the action and landed a knee to the pectoral of Igor, which he just brushes off. Igor shoots for a takedown but Alcantara escapes only to get tripped and taken down. Igor is in Alcantara’s half-guard and gives up an arm for a Kimura. Alcantara is holding on to it, but Igor eventually wiggles his arm free. Igor is on top, steadily punching Alcantara. Igor escapes a harmless leg lock attempt. Igor throwing weak punches on top and the referee WOULD stand them up, but Alcantara is constantly trying to secure a submission. Crowd is dead and Igor has been in the same position for a minute straight. Igor is on top as the horn sounds. 10-9 Araujo

Igor Araujo defeated Ildemar Alcantara by way of unanimous decision. (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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