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UFC Brass: Out Of Competition Drug Testing To Ramp Up In 2015

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UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Mark Ratner is increasing his work to clean up the sport of MMA.

The UFC has seen an increase in out-of competition drug testing lately, and has found great success in doing so, catching many fighters abusing banned substances, namely Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva.

Ratner spoke with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour to discuss the change in testing.

“I think that this year-round testing and out of competition is very important. Unlike baseball if you’re taking a performance enhancing drug and you hit the ball further, that’s a big advantage, but in fighting, whether it’s boxing or in MMA — and you’re chemically stronger and you win a fight that you may not of and hurt somebody and test positive — that could be a criminal offense as well as losing the fight or it becoming a no contest.

“So I’m all for out-of-competition testing. I want an even playing field and I believe in it with all my heart.”

“I’ve had some proposals from different [companies]. I’ve had some telephonic talks and one in-person meeting. Yeah, we’re still in the process. One of the hold-ups will be…if the fighter tests positive, the arbitration process, how it will be dealt with in every state. We have to make sure that if somebody is suspended that all states honor it, which they should, and foreign countries also.

“So there are some logistics, but we are going to do something. I’m very confident. It may not be by the first of the year but it’ll be right after that. We are in the process, and everybody here has bought into it, so we are going to do something it’s just a question of when.”

What are your thoughts on out-of competition drug testing within the UFC?

By Evan Stoumbelis

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