UFC 192 Results: Julianna Pena And Jessica Eye Throw Down, But It’s Pena Who Earns UD

Julianna Peña / Julianna Pena

In the first fight on the main card UFC bantamweights Jessica Eye and Julianna Pena met in the octagon.

These girls came out swinging. Both fighters seemed fine with just throwing down. They eventually clinched up and Eye got Pena to the ground, but not for long. They stood back up and Pena put Eye on the cage, but Eye reversed and took the advantage in the clinch. Eye kept the pressure on, landing knees. Pena tried to separated and land big strikes. They clinched again and Pena got Eye down for a moment, she tried to land big elbows. Eye got up and put Pena on the cage in the clinch. Pena reversed and got a trip takedown. From side control she landed a few big elbows before the round ended.

In the second round they again went fight after each other with punches and a few kicks from Pena. When they did clinch it was Eye who ended up on top, working from half guard. Eye worked to side control, then Pena gave up her back. Eye tried to take it, but Pena rolled back over. Eye then locked up an arm triangle. It looked pretty tight but Pena survived. Then, Pena ended up reversing and getting top control. Eye landed an illegal knee from the bottom to Pena’s head. The referee stopped the fight and took a point from her. They threw down for the last few seconds.

Again, in the third they come out swinging. Pena then goes for and gets a takedown. She stated working from Eye’s full guard. This fight was crazy. At one point, Pena locked in a rear naked choke and it was tight, like really right, but Eye survived and somehow got out. Later Pena locked in a really tight guillotine and again it’s surprising that Eye gutted it out and held off until the fight ended. Great fight, Pena dominated the third round though.

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RESULT: Pena wins via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

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