UFC 189 Results: John Howard Does Enough To Earn Split Decision Over Irelands Pendred

By BJPENN.COM News - July 11, 2015

howard wins

Conor McGregor’s training partner Cathal Pendred took on hard-hitting John Howard in a welterweight bout, the second on the FOX Sports 1 broadcast.

The hight difference in this fight was pretty crazy, with Pendred being the much taller fighter. Pendred came out with a flying knee, but missed. Both fighters landed leg kicks. Howard landed with a big left hand. Pendred threw a body kick that Howard caught and tried to use to get a takedown. Pendred reversed and took control of the clinch. They separated. Pendred went in like he was going to shoot, but backed out. Again Pendred throws a body kick that Howard uses to get the clinch. Pendred pushes the fight to the cage. They both exchange in the clinch with some dirty boxing then separate. Howard lands a nice leg kick. Pendred returned the favor. Howard lands a big punch, then they move together and clinch. After a brief stint on the cage they separated. The round ended.

In the second Pendred tried a lazy takedown and failed. They clinched, Pendred landed a knee to the body, then they separated. They tie up and Howard starts throwing a bunch of punches in the clinch. They separated. Pendred again ducks and tries a lackluster takedown. They clinch again and Pendred pushed Howard to the cage, only to get reversed. They both swap positions a few times. Then they moved away for the cage and broke away from each other. Howard was the only one to really land anything as far as striking. It looked like Pendred really just wanted to clinch up. The round ended.

In the third, Howard came out and pressed forward, landing a nice leg kick. Pendred tried to tie him up, but failed. Howard kept landing short punches every time Pendred grabbed him. I’m not sure what Pendred’s gameplan was. He just looked for a clinch and then held on to Howard. Howard tried to drop down for a single leg. Pendred jumped on a guillotine and pulled guard. Howard survived and then stood up. He let Pendred get up. Pendred again went in for a takedown and Howard avoided it, landing several punches in the process. Finally they both start swinging with ten second left.

RESULT: Howard wins via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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