UFC 187 Results: Daniel Cormier Survives Getting Dropped In First, Submits Rumble In The Third

By bjpenndotcom - May 23, 2015

The main event between Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier just went down!

Johnson landed a nice leg kick to start the fight. He appeared to get poked in the eye but he said he was fine and they continued. Rumble landed a massive right hand that sent Cormier to the mat. Johnson tired to move in with big punches but Cormier got back up and managed to get the takedown. Cormier stayed on him, Johnson got up but Cormier kept the pressure on him and grabbed a leg. He used it to get Johnson down again. Johnson continued to fight the takedown. He stood up with his back on the cage. They separated and Johnson started winging huge punches again, catching Cormier with a few of them.

The pace slowed a little bit. Cormier moved in and got the clinch against the cage. Cormier used under hooks to keep Rumble on the cage. At the end of the round they broke away and swung at each other.

The second starts and Johnson lands a nice leg kick, then unleashes huge kicks to the body and head. Before Johnson can land anything else, Cormier clinches on the cage. He is able to pick Rumble up and put him on the mat. Cormier began working from half guard. Cormier threatened with a Kimura. It looked tight but he let go. Then he grabbed it again. Cormier let go and landed a few short elbows. Cormier kept control and tried to move to side control. Cormier postured up from half guard and landed some nice elbows to the face.

Johnson looked visibly tired between rounds. Rumble came out looking for a big shot. Johnson went down and looked for a takedown against the cage. He almost had it, but Cormier reversed and got his own takedown. He worked towards Johnson’s back. With one knee on the ground and Cormier standing over him, Johnson ate a lot of punches to the face. Cormier jumped on a rear naked choke and made Rumble tap!

RESULTS: Daniel Cormier wins via submission (rnc) at 2:39 of Round 3.

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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