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UFC 185 Results: Dos Anjos Dethrones Pettis! NEW CHAMPION!

Rafael Dos Anjos WINS

Rafael dos Anjos was criminally underrated walking into the octagon tonight and he proved to the fans and media alike that he is, in fact, championship material.

Dos Anjos surprised onlookers as he dominated the fight from the get go. His ability to take the center of the octagon and dictate the pace of the fight gave him a huge upperhand in the long haul as his pace made Pettis tire quickly. Dos Anjos repeatedly backed Pettis up against the fence where he would fire off shots which set up easy takedowns.

Even though Pettis was in inferior positions, it would have been ignorant to count Pettis out at any moment of the fight. Whether he was on his back with Dos Anjos in his guard or if his back was up against the cage, Pettis has the ability to come from behind with one simple kick or reversal. Dos Anjos was aware of this and made sure Pettis was never in any position to turn it around in the first three rounds.

In between the championship rounds, it became evident just how tired Pettis was. After the fourth, he slumped back onto his stool and looked as beat up as he ever has. Dos Anjos was not giving him any room to strike and Pettis was growing frustrated. He had one last chance to retain his title with a stoppage in the fifth, but Dos Anjos continued his dominance.

When all was said and done, Rafael dos Anjos became the second new champion at UFC 185.

Rafael Dos Anjos def. Anthony Pettis by way of Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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