UFC 172 Results: Jones Successfully Defends Title Against Teixeira, Gets Unanimous Decision Win

By bjpenndotcom - April 26, 2014

Jon Jones put on another clinic tonight in Baltimore, Maryland.

The first round told the tale of each fighter looking to land THEIR shot. Teixeira wanted to land an overhand right but Jones was able to duck it each time, escaping danger by milliseconds. Jones worked the body of Teixeira right away and set up a headkick, almost landing a question mark kick in the middle of the round. The tally of shots was near equal, and we didn’t see any fighter gain much momentum throughout the first. The nod likely went to Jones because he dictated where the fight went.

Teixeira would execute less and less offense as the minutes passed. Teixeira’s gas tank was slowly draining and it was Jones’ constant changing of levels that caused Teixeira to tire out so quick. Jones knocked Teixeira’s mouthpiece out three times and Teixeira was facing a barrage of strikes that he simply could not stop.

Teixeira would dodge strikes by simply moving backwards and eventually he was trapped with his back against the fence. That is when Jones would go in assassin mode and throw his sharp elbows, hoping they would dice the skin of Teixeira.

Jones looked a bit too relaxed in the fifth round as Teixeira started to gain some momentum. He landed some uppercut while in the clinch but Jones was aware he was taking too much damage and walked away from the encounters. It was too little, too late for Glover as he sulked back to his corner after the fifth and final round came to a close.

Jon Jones has successfully defended his title seven times.

Jon Jones def. Glover Teixeira by way of Unanimous Decision

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