Tyron Woodley: Title Shots Need Consistency

UFC 174 co-headliner Tyron Woodley spoke to The Sherdog Radio Network about the lack of consistency in how title shots are awarded, and how the UFC should develop a rubric or system for how title shots are awarded saying rematches take away from who deserves a shot at the title, and take up time.

“I think we need to have some consistency and a rubric to make it more of a sport. I feel like [there are] guys that are legitimately putting themselves in that position to fight for the title by working so hard, and we should be given that shot, not just look at the fans saying, ‘That was a good fight. I want to see it again.’ OK, well, if you saw the NBA finals and it was a great series between the Heat and OKC, you don’t get to run it back just because it was a great last game of the series. The winner’s the winner.”

Woodley went on to give his thoughts on Matt Brown, who will be facing Robbie Lawler for a shot at Johny Hendricks title.

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“I think that Matt Brown is a tough guy. I like watching him. He comes for blood and you can never count him out. He has seven wins in a row, which is huge, but none of the guys are in the top 10, which is not as huge,” Woodley said. “Before he went on that tear, he was nearly 12-11, .500 in record. I can see how all these things are playing out, but I think maybe that bout should be the next in line to fight the winner of me and Johny.”

What do you think PENNation? Do you agree with The Chosen One that the UFC needs a better structure for determining title shots? Sound off in the comments section.

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