Two Of UFC’s Finest Get In Real Fist-Fight At Jacksons MMA

Ahead of the UFC’s first ever fight night in Albuquerque, two of the cities most prominent fighters engaged in a real-life fist fight during a training session.

Details are bleak on the matter, as situations like this usually stay in the gym, but Dave Meltzer, of ‘The Wrestling Observer’, spilled the beans.

Check it:

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“If that’s not bad enough, there was a real fight in the gym with Bagautinov and Rustam Khabilov. While everyone is publicly playing it down, everyone also admits it happened. The way we heard it was Khabilov, who is a lightweight, gave Bagautinov a beating, although not bad enough to cause him to pull out of the fight.”

In short, Saturday’s main event’er, Rustam Khabilov beat up UFC 174 title challenger and teammate Ali Bagautinov at Greg Jackson’s.

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