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TUF 18 Finale Results: Duke Dominates Morgan, Wins By Way of Unanimous Decision

The first round was all Jessamyn Duke. She attacked right from the start and even when she was in a disadvantageous position, she was still throwing blows. Morgan had Duke pressed against the fence, but Duke was still throwing knees from the clinch. After she turned the tables and put Morgan against the fence, she hopped up and tried to end the bout with an arm-in guillotine. She didn’t have the positioning to crank, so she transitioned to a triangle choke attempt that Morgan defended until the end of the round.

Peggy Morgan tried to open up the second round by establishing her jab which she almost did, but she would stick around too long which allowed Duke to counter. Duke started to take control of the round in the middle after she landed two-punch and three-punch combinations multiple times. Duke landed her left hook multiple times throughout the round and she secured the second round by taking Morgan down to the ground.

Jessamyn Duke’s conditioning seemed to be better than Peggy Morgan’s as Duke was bouncing in anticipation of the final round to start while Morgan was flat footed and breathing heavily.

Duke started the round off right by bouncing her knees off the body and head of Morgan in the thai clinch. At one point in the fight, Morgan’s back was pressed against the cage and Duke tried to take her down with a bulldog type move. Odd enough, Duke ended up on the bottom with Morgan on her back. Duke was in trouble of being submitted, but referee Kim Winslow stood them up and reset the action in the middle of the octagon. With thirty seconds left on the clock, Duke and Morgan battled it out and exchanged shots. As the horn expired, Morgan looked defeated before the decision was announced.

Jessamyn Duke defeated Peggy Morgan by way of Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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