Travis Browne Planning Flying Armbar Finish Against Submission Ace Fabricio Werdum

“What I’m thinking about doing, and I haven’t ran this past my coaches, which I’m pretty sure they’ll be on board for, but I’m thinking about going out there and while he raises his hand to touch gloves, I’m just going to try and pull guard. I’m going to throw a flying triangle and I’m going to land it. That’s been my game plan this entire time, and it’ll catch him off guard so fast that he won’t even know what happened to him, and then I’m going to pinch his toe.”

Obviously not true!

In a recent interview with ESPN Radio, Top UFC heavyweight fighter and UFC on FOX 11 headliner, Travis Browne, discussed his upcoming main event with Fabricio Werdum.

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Since we know this isn’t his real game plan, tell us in the comments how you think Browne should approach this fight against the Brazilian.

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