‘The Ultimate Fighter Season 17 Finale: Faber vs. Jorgensen’ Main Card Play-by-Play and Live Results

Tonight on FX from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada a new Ultimate Fighter champion will be crowned.

The event also plays host to a bantamweight main event between Urijah Faber and Scott Jorgensen.

If you cannot catch the live broadcast of the event, tune in here for a live play-by-play of the main card action.

The main card kicks off at 9 p.m. ET.

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Round 1 – McDaniel ties up Smith quickly and pushes him against the cage, from there McDaniel works knees and elbows. They break, Smith catches a McDaniel’s rib kick and takes him down. McDaniel works the sweep right away and gets into half Smith’s halfguard. McDaniels works elbows and punches from the top before Smith reverses into a double leg takedown. McDaniel back on his back with three minutes to go. McDaniel has no urgency really to escape, but attempts half speed submissions and sweeps instead. Smith is in McDaniel’s guard but is inflicting minimal damage. Smith is trying to tie the legs and pass the guard with McDaniels up against the fence on his back. McDaniels gets back to his feet with the cage’s help, Smith keeps the pressure on and completes a second double leg. McDaniel ties up a high elbow guillotine from his back and doesn’t finish but sweeps Smith in the process. McDaniel gets into side control at the end of the round and works constant elbows, ending up with Smith’s back without hooks when Smith turns over. Big knees to the body by McDaniel to end the round. (Likely winner of Rd. 1 -McDaniel)

Round 2- McDaniel works kicks early and finds some success with his punches as well. Smith swings wildly and ties McDaniel up against the cage, McDaniel reverses and lands a knee to the crown of Smith’s head. The two break and are toe to toe. McDaniel lands hard leg kicks, shoots for a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine by Smith. Smith falls back into his guard with the guillotine and McDaniel survives it, ending up in Smith’s half guard again. Smith turns over and McDaniel takes the back and works heavy ground and pound. Smith recovers back into half guard, but McDaniel keeps the elbow pressure on from the top. Smith tries to get up and McDaniel releases. McDaniel has found sporadic success with the counter right hook that has hit Smith hard a number of times. Round ends with McDaniel’s hard punches on the feet. (Likely winner of Rd. 2 – McDaniel)

Round 3 – McDaniel goes toe to toe with Smith to start the round, and McDaniel lands hard a couple of times before stuffing a slow Smith takedown as he hops into half guard. Some hard punches leads McDaniels into half guard, then Smith tries to get up and pays for it with more ground and pound by McDaniel. McDaniel then works to get Smith’s back. McDaniel gets his hooks in and stretches Smith but then Smith turns over into McDaniel’s guard where McDaniel slaps on a triangle and taps Smith almost instantly.

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RESULT: McDaniel via Triangle Choke at 2:49 Rd. 3


Round 1 – Browne does a weird giggle like he wanted to look like Jon Jones, then throws a wild head kick over Gonzaga’s head. Gonzaga catches a leg and ties Browne up. He has Browne against eh fence as he looks for a single leg and keeps weight pushed against Browne. Browne suddenly throws big elbows as Gonzaga is going for a takedown and knocks Gonzaga out. Gonzaga drops to the floor and the ref steps in to stop the fight.

RESULT: Browne via TKO at 1:11 Rd. 1

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Round 1 – Tate comes out with vigor and takes Zingano down fast. The two scramble and Tate stand s up with a Guillotine on Zingano. Tate tries to snap Zingano down and ends up pushing Zingano against the fence. Zingano now ties up a guillotine and Tate escapes trouble. The two break up and throw big hands both landing on eachother. Tate then transitioned from punches into a takedown but then gets reversed by Zingano who gets side control from the top. Zingano controls Tate stands up and lands big punches that flusters Zingano a bit. Zingano lands a big knee on the exit and Tate lands solid punches of her own. The two ladies are throwing hands and both landing big. Tate gets the takedown and is in Zingano’s half guard. With a minute to go, Tate is on top looking sneakily for a submission with elbows mixed in. Both chins have been tested by hard punches this round, and Zingano remains on her back. Tate initialtes a flurry of ground and pound as the round comes to an end, and after an even round, Tate ends up in the dominant spot. (Likely winner of Rd. 1 – Tate)

Round 2 – Zingano runs out of her corner with a flying knee. Tate works for a takedown off a Zingano kick and is back on top within thirty seconds. Tate is on top of Zingano who is pressed with her neck against the cage. Tate is resorting successfully to her wrestling again this round. Tate pushes the knee down and gets into the mount with a big flurry of ground and pound. Tate goes to the belly down arm bar, and Zingano rolls over to escape the first try but Tate holds the arm and tries to finish the submission from her back. Tate realizes the arm bar is no good and sits up into mount. Tate works ground and pound and hurts Zingano. Tate gets into side control and is reversed buy Zingano who gets on top, right before Tate attempts a heel hook. She has a tight grip on Zingano’s heel and Zingano is sitting there letting it happen. Tate holds on to the ankle but isn’t bothering Zingano. Zingano steps over and escapes the submission and begins her own elbow onslaught onto Tate. Tate is on the bottom ans Zingano lands some massive shots on Tate from the top. Zingano tries to maintain control as Tate turns over. The two return to their feet at the end of the round. Zingano lands big punches at the end of the round.

(Likely Winner of Round 2 – Zingano)

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Round 3 – Tate is taken down by Zingano and Cat is going right back to her angry ground and pound. Tate is uncomfortable on the bottom because of the shots she is taking. Zingano passes guard right into point and has a modified mounted crucifix and pounds away at Tate’s head. Zingano grabs a hold of Tate’s head and snaps her down and controls Tate . Zingano has the clear power advantage this round as she continues to bloody up Tate with big ground and pound shots. Zingano remains on top and is relentless with punches that nearly all land right to the face of Tate. Zingano sits up and hammers Tate with big punches. Tate sits up and gets hit with one knee. She returns to her hands and knees and tries once again to get back up to her feet again and Zingano hammers big knees and a last slicing elbow to drop Miesha Tate in her tracks. Tate was scrambling, not unconscious but Winslow steps in and Tate is down for the count. Zingano is the winner via TKO.

RESULT: Zingano via TKO at 2:55 Rd. 3


Round 1 – Gastelum takes the center of the mat quickly. Gastelum has Hall against the fence after Hall attempts to dodge strikes with no hands like Anderson Silva. Gastelum is working inside knees with Hall’s back against the fence. Hall works knees back. They break. Hall starts to losen up with more kicks. Gastelum is showing little hesitation with strikes and keeps forward momentum. “Kelvin!” chants start to ring. Hall is constantly on his heels and gets caught with a big punch that backs him up even more. Hall isn not keeping his hands up. Hall is being kept on his heels by Gastelum who gets Hall down and gets into side control. Gastelum starts ground and pound with elbows. He stays heavy on top of Hall. Hall is on his back, unsuccessful at getting up. Hall finally gets back to his guard, and works punches from off his back. Gastelum passes to half guard. Hall gets pushed up against the fence and then stands up. Gastelum releases and Hall starts to throw more strikes as soon as he gets a chance. Hall continues to work to create space. Hall gets a running takedown just at the end of the round. (Likely winner of Rd. 1-Gastelum)

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Round 2 – Hall comes out with big kicks and a sense of urgency in the start of round two. Hall is coming forward stronger with his strikes but ends up being taken down after backing himself up against the cage. Gastelum is on top and rains down some elbows and punches from Hall’s half guard. Hall is holding on from his back, not making sweep or escape attempts but rather keeping himself out of the line of fire and throwing the occasional elbow. Hall gets a sweep and ends up in Gastelum’s guard. Hall lands a big couple of knees to the body of Gastelum that hurts him as he gets back to his feet. Hall is struggling to stop the takedown and is backed up against the fence once again. Hall finds a trip though, and gets Gastelum on his back. Hall is in the half guard not doing all that much with a minute and a half to go. Hall remains stagnant as he presses his weight down. Hall gets up as Gastelum rolls over and Hall has his back in the standing position. Hall pulls off a full suplex and Hall responds by getting back to his feet. Gastelum pressing Hall against eh cage to end the round. Back and forth knees. (Likely winner of Rd. 2 – Hall)

Round 3. – A kick lands low on Gastelum. They take a break and get back at it. Hall throws an outside leg kick. Hall lands a nice jab. Gastelum charges for a takedown and nearly gets his back and Gastelum gets back up after Hall gets a takedown of his own. Gastelum back to his signature spot of holding Hall against the cage. The two are going toe to toe but are each tired and the strikes are showing fatigue. Gastelum takes Hall down to finish the round and ends up in side control before standing in Hall’s guard and punches Hall. Hall does a good job of keeping Gastelum posture down. Hall is noticeably tired. Gastelum is not stopping. They are trading back and forth, Hall in his guard and Gastelum on top. A scramble ends the round.
(Likely Winner of Rd. 3 Gastelum)

RESULT: Gastelum via Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)


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Round 1 – Faber comes out with a big uppercut after Jorgensen lands an inside leg kick. Jorgensen reverses Faber up against the fence. Faber does the same. Jorgensen finds a trip and gets into Faber’s guard. Faber scoots his way up to his feet with help from the cage but Jorgensen gets the back from standing, but Faber counters with a sit out and takes the leg to get into Jorgensen’s half guard. Faber gets the back but Jorgensen gets up and they are toe to toe again. A big standing knee tot he body pushes Jorgensen against the fence, and Faber gets his back. Faber has a figure four body lock and is working for a rear naked choke. Faber works punches while he controls Jorgensen by holding his back. Faber gets Jorgensen to go onto his knees and Faber attempts a guillotine and Jorgensen is scrambling through multiple different attempts after that. Faber ends up on top after failed but close guillotine attempts. Faber does not rest. He gets the back again and keeps Jorgensen on his face. Faber gets his hooks in at the end of the round. (Likely winner of Rd. 1 – Faber maybe even 10-8)

Round 2 – Jorgensen comes out fast and quickly takes an inside kick to the groin. After a few seconds they resume. Faber comes forward with knees. Jorgensen is trying to trade with Faber and is hanging in there pretty well. Faber with a big uppercut that leads into a scramble. They stay standing. Faber with another standing knee. Hooks and body shots from Faber. Faber gets the takedown and is in Jorgensen’s guard. Faber is looking to pass with punches, while Jorgensen is working a kimura from his back. Faber passes and escapes like a cat, and catches a left hook on his feet. Jorgensen proceeds to land a couple more big shots n Faber. Jorgensen has Faber’s attention. Jorgensen is pushing Faber against the fence. Faber reverses to end the round. (Maybe Jorgensen but no clear winner of the round)

Round 3 – They go toe to toe both landing the occasional jab and knee. Jorgensen seems to be more comfortable. Faber continues to feint. Faber with two punch cross hook combination. Jorgensen with a dirty boxing uppercut. Faber begins to work the body with left hooks. Jorgensen finds his way to Fabers back on the feet. Faber comes forward with more punches but Jorgensen comes back hard. Jorgensen hurts Faber and takes his back. They continue to go toe to toe after Faber gets out. Jorgensen is more and more comfortable as the fight goes on. An uppercut lands for Jorgensen and he is keeping Faber on his heels. Faber seals the takedown at the end of the round. (Likely Winner of Rd. 3 – Jorgensen)

Round 4 – Faber lands some good shots at the beginning of the round as they go at it on the feet again. Faber looks a bit more aggressive this round. Jorgensen shoots in and Faber grabs the neck but they stand up. Jorgensen lands a solid elbow and flusters Faber a bit. Neither guy has the clear momentum. Faber looks like he is not trying to finish anymore. Faber gets the takedown with two minutes left. He jumps on the back of Jorgensen with a body lock on. He is working the rear naked choke tightly and finishes Jorgensen with it.

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RESULT: Faber via Rear Naked Choke at 3:16 Rd. 4

Quick Results:
MAIN CARD: (FX, 9 p.m. ET)
Urijah Faber def. Scott Jorgensen via RNC at 3:16 Rd. 4
Kelvin Gastelum def. Uriah Hall via Split Decision – “TUF 17″ tournament final
Cat Zingano def. Miesha Tate via TKO at 2:55 Rd. 3
Travis Browne def. Gabriel Gonzaga via TKO at 1:11 Rd. 1
Robert McDaniel def. Gilbert Smith via Triangle Choke at 2:49 Rd. 3

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