Still Married? Ronda’s Boyfriend Explains Domestic Abuse Charges Against Estranged Wife

By BJPENN.COM News - October 13, 2015

UFC heavyweight and Ronda Rousey’s “man”, Travis Browne, decided not to speak out about the allegations that were put out this past July by his estranged wife, and fitness model, Jenna Webb.

Travis Browne ronda rousey boyfriend

Webb posted photos on Instagram, showing bruises on her body and eventually stated on social media that they were caused by Browne. After that the UFC benched Browne and launched an investigation into the matter. Through that whole time Browne stayed silent, until the investigation cleared him and he was given the OK to return to fighting

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour Browne finally talked about the allegations and denied all of it. He said that Webb and him were having issues and she ended up leaving him in June, but he never got physical with her.

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“Have I ever gotten physical towards her? No, absolutely not. Like I said, there’s circumstances surrounding all this. That’s up to her and her family to deal with. I’m back to fighting. The results speak for themselves.”

“I’m a lot of things. I can be an asshole. I can be mean. But putting my hands on a woman is absolutely not in me. That goes against everything in my DNA as a human being. The general public may not have an understanding about me and what I do, how I feel about my children, how I feel about my family, how protective I am over my family and children. They just see a big guy in a cage that fights, that knocks people out or this and that.”

Shame on you for thinking Browne would lay his hands on a woman!