Sonnen Sounds Off: Jones Should Have Moved To Heavyweight When He Had The Chance | UFC NEWS

“I don’t know. Here’s the bottom line, he should not have been pressured into this. I did everything I could to warn this guy. I told him ‘Hey I’m coming to the division’ and he should have packed up and left it. He talked about going to heavyweight and he should have done it because now he’s waited too long and the man has arrived.”

“Listen, here is what you need to know. This show [The Ultimate Fighter] has some tremendous young talent on it. I will be taking 50 percent of that talent and teaching them how to fight. The other half is going to be taught how to be selfish, entitled brats like Jones. The good news is that when it is all over, I’m sure Coach Jones will throw a hell of an after-party.”

“What you need to know, Todd, and what Jon already knows, is that I got the biggest arms, I got the greatest charm and I do the most harm. I’m better than Jon Jones, I’m better than Sean Combs and I’m better than John Holmes. And little Jon Jon, the little leprechaun, has my belt I’m coming to take.”

Last night on FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight” Chael Sonnen dialed in via skype to discuss his upcoming coaching gig and subsequent title fight against Jon Jones.

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The tamer than usual Sonnen didn’t blast off with insults, at least not yet, but instead offered some very stern warnings for the champion.

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