Sonnen On Why He Wants To Fight Rich Franklin

By BJPENN.COM News - April 26, 2014

“Here the bottom line: Rich Franklin has one fight left. I would’ve been world champion. Way back when Rich held that belt, I would’ve whipped his ass back then. I would’ve been the world champion but I couldn’t get my opportunity, and I’m still mad about it. I would’ve been the PRIDE champion but I couldn’t get into PRIDE. I could’ve beaten all of those guys for years. I could’ve held the belt in either organization for years, and I couldn’t even get my shot.

“So, if Rich only has one fight left, if there’s anybody that disputes what I just said, including him; if there’s anybody that questions that Chael Sonnen was the greatest 185-pounder to ever live, then please, Mr. Franklin, give me that one last fight that you have under your contract.”

There you have it!

In a recent interview with FOX Sports, Chael Sonnen explains his recent call to fight Rich Franklin, the UFC’s former middleweight champion.

Franklin is on hiatus, building a Beverly Hills juicing business and Sonnen has a date with Wanderlei Silva, but if the stars align, is this a fight you want?