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Soa Palelei: A lot of Jiu Jitsu Won’t Work in MMA

There’s always an advantage to being heavier in Jiu Jitsu. . . [but] when we used to roll… back then, it was all technique. I wasn’t allowed to use strength, I had to use technique… That made me learn things. You know, I could out-strength anyone, but it’s all about technique… Jiu Jitsu is a good base for anyone coming into mixed martial arts.

A lot of [Jiu Jitsu] doesn’t work in mixed martial arts. The fact that, you know, Jiu Jitsu is like a chess game. You’re playing a chess game with your opponent. With mixed martial arts you can’t do that because, all of a sudden you’re playing a chess game and the guy gets up, grabs the game. . . and just starts smashing you with the board.

UFC Fight night 40 competitor, Soa Palelei discusses his jiu jitsu base and its effectiveness in Mixed Martial Arts.

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