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Silva and Diaz Both Unsure About UFC Future After UFC 183

Diaz Silva

After their five round war at “UFC 183”, both Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva claimed they are unsure about their future in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

After having his arm raised as victor, Anderson Silva fell to his knees and crumbled on the mat in tears simply thankful to be given another chance to step inside the octagon. Joe Rogan asked him after the bout whether or not he will return to the octagon and Silva stated that his family asked him to stop. He continued on to say that his children begged him for this fight to be his last, and he concluded, “I don’t know. Maybe I back?”

After his interview with Anderson Silva, Joe Rogan moved on to Nick Diaz and asked him the same question. Diaz answered in typical entertaining fashion by stating, “A few days before my fights I always ask myself ‘What the hell am I doing here?’, you know?”.

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