Serra: Weidman Would Fight Belfort “On Or Off The Juice”

By BJPENN.COM News - August 5, 2014

UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has a tall order ahead of him coming up in December, defend his UFC middleweight title against Vitor Belfort. However this is nothing new for Weidman, who has been dubbed the ‘legend killer’. After knockout out Anderson Silva in 2013, Weidman went on to defend the belt against Anderson later on that year, during which he broke Anderson Silva’s leg. Still, Weidman’s wins were doubted, and the champ still had much to prove in the eyes of many. The haters began to seemingly disappear however on July 5th when The All American defended his belt against former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida.

One of Weidman’s coaches, Matt Serra, spoke with MMA Fight Corner about Belfort’s colorful past when it comes to drug testing, and how his prize pupil will fight him regardless of whether or not he’s on TRT.

His words:

“I think it’d be pretty embarrassing if he didn’t,” Serra said. “The whole issue with the TRT, with the tests, and his issues with that. At one point, we thought they wanted to do this in Brazil. We were like ‘Aw man really? Why is that?’

“This is the fight that everybody wants,” Serra continued. “I know it’s the fight Chris wants. Chris will fight him on or off the juice. I think Chris gets excited. At one point with the Brazil thing, he was like ‘Well you know it’s kind of exciting to fight the juiced up Vitor though because I’ll fight the best version of him’. That’s his mentality. I think no matter what Vitor you put in front of him – whether he’s juiced up, whether he’s not – I think Chris will be too much for him and I say that with all the respect in the world. But I just think he’s going to be too much for him.”

“There’s definitely more to come and more you haven’t seen and that’s what’s exciting. He’s a talented guy, he’s got a great mindset, he’s the whole package.”

“He always thinks that he can do better,” Serra added. “I think that’s why he makes such a great champion. He’s going to hold that belt for a while. He’s got a bright future. He’s going to be the king of the middleweights for a long time to come and possibly talk super fights. Obviously, the next goal is Vitor and that’s what everybody is going to be concentrating on. We’ve got a lot of momentum on our side with everything and just I’m excited for it.”

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