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“Scarface” Vows to Get Snitch!

By Joe “JD” David

Rumors tend to get out of control when “all eyes” are on you, going into what some analysts and spectators alike view as one of the largest UFC fights to date. Jose Aldo Jr was a “no show” due to a rib injury in July, two weeks before fight night. The X-factor? Trust. The code that should never be broken. Featherweight Champion Jose “Scarface” Aldo Jr. gives us his thoughts.

“Man, anything you do people will talk about,” Aldo said during a UFC 194 media day in Brazil. “I didn’t care much, ‘Dede’ (Pederneiras) was pissed about it. I try not to care about what people say. But, it was good that that happened.
“Everything we do in the gym now, we hide from everyone. Sometimes, I say I injured something so we can find out who’s the snitch, while we give the wrong clue. I try to stay calm, relaxed, and that’s what really matters. Chael is always talking, so that’s another crap he said.” Aldo explained.

“No, I actually don’t know what happened,” he said. “I think that came up last week and I was training normally. I brought five Dutch guys with Andy Souwer and we were training normally, training hard. It wasn’t even training, it was something for Sherdog, real fight.

“It was over, I went back home, and when I wake up to train, people said I was hurt. But, it’s cool. It’s part of the job. No problem. We’re going after the snitch. I’ll cut his head.” Aldo said.

Everyone knows we can’t have loyalty if trust hasn’t been established . Going into the biggest fight of Jose Aldo Jr’s life, will the trust be there “in the training room” during the final weeks leading up to the December 12th matchup next month in Las Vegas?

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