Royce Gracie Slams Eddie Bravo And Rubber Guard, Threatens To Punch Him In The Face

eddie bravo

Eddie Bravo has been criticized by members of the JiuJitsu community for creating some of his own JiuJitsu moves, as well as 10th Planet JiuJitsu. Earlier this summer we saw a video of Bravo explaining the rubber guard to Rickson Gracie (Watch that HERE) and many, including myself, thought strides of understanding had been made between the two camps.

However that isn’t the case.

Royce Gracie spoke on The MMA Hour to discuss Bravo, and the Rubber Guard, and why he won’t be facing Bravo under the Metamoris grappling banner.

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“I don’t compete in grappling rules. I’m a MMA fighter, man. I’m a MMA fighter, all the way.”

“I’m pretty much done fighting. With Eddie Bravo, it’s personal. … (Does Metamoris) allow punches to the face? Do this rubber guard stuff and I’ll punch you in the nose.”

“You’re gonna send your kids to learn from a guy that tells everybody that it’s okay to do drugs? It’s ok to drink alcohol? Sorry, man. If you wanna do it in private, do it in private. I have no problem with that. But I can never send my kid to someone that praises alcohol and drugs. Is that what you want your kids to learn? It’s okay to smoke pot? ‘Oh, pot is not a drug.’ So walk into a police station with a pound of pot and tell the cops it’s not a drug. Come on.”

“People that don’t know and hear about it, they start to think that all the people that do jiu-jitsu smokes pot, is a drug addict. Here I am fighting for something good, and the guy is fighting for something bad, in my point of view. I can’t agree with that, what he represents. Nothing to do with his jiu-jitsu, his school. If you want to do something like that, do it in private. Keep it to yourself.”

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