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Rousey: ‘If Cyborg wants her a$$ beat she knows where I’m at’

“I wanted to fight [Cris Cyborg], but the thing is, she’s the one that ran away. They announced out of competition drug testing in the UFC and within 24 hours she asked for her release. Then she started saying that ‘Oh I won’t be able to make 135, because then it will be much harder for me to have kids. Then I was I like ‘you didn’t give a flying fuck’ about how having steroids would have affected her kids, let’s put an over/under on your miscarriages now just based on that. I would never lose sleep at night over Cris Cyborg in any situation. If she wants to come and get her ass beat, she knows where I’m at. She knows where I’m at. But she’s not making any effort to get there.”

During a special media gather in Los Angeles, UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey discussed her ongoing rivalry with Invicta FC champion, Cris Cyborg.

Think this fight will ever happen?

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