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Rothwell Slams Overeem For Oblique Kicks, “I’m Going To Pull His Jugular Out With My Teeth”

Ben Rothwell may have picked up a quick KO win over Alistair Overeem in the co-main event of their UFC Fight Night 50 scrap, but that doesn’t mean he was happy with what happened during the bout.

Rothwell expressed his frustration with Overeem’s use of oblique kicks on Submission Radio, something Rampage Jackson also has a strong distaste for.

“I almost yelled at him in the fight. He was doing some real dirty push kicks to my knee, and it’s just a dirty move. It’s not honorable in my mind because this isn’t street fighting. Like street fighting, if you’re fighting in the street, I’m undefeated. And I will remain so, and if I’m not, it means I’m dead. If you want to fight like that, then I’m going to start. I’m gonna rip his eyes out, I’m gonna pull his jugular out with my teeth, and I’m gonna break things on him. I’m gonna start snapping fingers and it’ll be a lot worse on him. And throwing push kicks at the knee joint is kinda like, to me it’s the same dirty message. It’s like you don’t do that, and I almost said something to him during the fight like ‘really?’ like ‘you’re gonna play like that?’ and I luckily ended him before he got to do it anymore.”

Rampage at one point even called for the ban of oblique kicks, saying they have the ability to end a fighters career.

Do you think they should be banned?

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