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Ronda Rousey: ‘They made me fit the villain role’

“I think it was very good for the women’s division, and I think it definitely needed to happen. But you couldn’t pay me $10 million to do it again. How could people possibly know who you are from a couple of clips of a video that people are seeing out of context? That’s no way for people to get to know you, so I’m just preparing for people to get the worst idea of who I am.”

“The 115-pound girls, man, they’re badasses, there are bound to be some problems as they go along. It’s really encouraging that they’re adding them, it shows that what we’ve done has made a difference.”

“If you think The Ultimate Fighter was the best opportunity for me at the time, you’re wrong. It needed to be done for those girls and it needed to be done for the division and they benefited from it.”

“For Miesha it was the best opportunity at the time. It was really important for her to come off well because that was her moment to do so. So I’m like, look, I need to make sure that everyone sees this, I don’t need to come across like everybody loves me, so sure, it doesn’t matter to me, I can roll with this one, but I needed these girls to do well. … These kids are my kids for the long run and I would be absolutely shocked if Miesha even knew where her kids are today.”

“The experience sucked. It wasn’t the perception. Yeah, they needed a villain and they made me fit the role and that’s fine. I wasn’t purposely going out of my way on the set to make these things happen. In hindsight it was a s— experience and it came out terrible for me.”

“We were really mistreated and disrespected by the whole production staff. And everybody was going out of their way to get the most dramatic response possible.”

“They’re like ‘we fear for our safety, they’re going to hurt us. They’re like these little b— kids in the classroom making nicey-nicey with the teacher, and then instigating with the other kids as soon as they turn around. They’re being b— when the camera was off, then she was like, ‘we’re such victims’ when the cameras were on.”

“It sucked when I was on the set, Why would I want to see an even s—-ier version of it?”

‘Rowdy” Ronda Rousey has had plenty of time to digest her TUF 18 coaching experience and according to this recent interview with mmajunkie.com she didn’t like it at all.

Can you blame her?

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