Ronda Rousey is fighting for this presidential Democratic candidate

Ronda Rousey

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey shared some of her political beliefs with Maxim on Tuesday. Rousey said that she is rooting for Bernie Sanders in his run for the Democratic nomination for President.

“I’m voting for Bernie Sanders, because he doesn’t take any corporate money,” Rousey told Maxim. “I don’t think politicians should be allowed to take money for their campaigns from outside interests.”

Rousey added, “If he doesn’t win against Hillary, then I’ll probably vote for a third party again. To be honest, in 2012 I was against both candidates and so I just picked any third party because I thought if more people voted for third parties then they’d have to take third parties seriously.”

Despite Donald Trump’s efforts to get Rousey on his side during an interview with CNN, Rousey held her ground and said she simply can’t trust the guy. “I mean, I wouldn’t vote for him,” she said to CNN. “I just really wouldn’t trust the guy with running my country, that’s all. I’m not really going to get into specifics of it, but, I mean, I don’t want a reality TV star to be running my country.”

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