Rogan discusses Rousey loss, brain injury, and what’s next

By bjpenndotcom - December 31, 2015

Holly Holm’s flawless performance against Ronda Rousey that ultimately ended with Holm capturing the UFC women’s bantamweight championship shook the MMA world to its core.

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While the UFC would love to see a rematch between Rousey and Holm at UFC 200, there’s still no word on whether or not Rousey will be medically cleared to fight at the event given the injuries she sustained in the fight with Holm.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan spoke to Bloody Elbow to discuss not only what should be next for Rousey, but also the potential brain trauma from Rousey being KO’d by a head kick.

“When Holly Holm head kicked Ronda and knocked her out, we witnessed a traumatic brain injury, make no mistake about it.

I had this conversation with Dana (White), and he was like, “Oh, Ronda’s fine,” and I’m like, “Listen man, you can’t say that.” She’s not fine. You don’t get head kick knocked out and be fine. That’s not fine. There’s damage for sure. The question is, how much damage? We just don’t know.”

In addition, many are calling for Rousey to ditch her longtime coach Edmond Tarverdyan, and move to another gym. While Michael Bisping may not be in favor of that, Joe Rogan believes it needs to happen.

“Ronda’s got to go to a camp that has the full arsenal. She’s got to go to a Firas Zahabi or a Matt Hume, or someone like that, in my opinion. If I was talking to her, that’s what I would tell her. I’d say, ‘You can’t just train with a judo coach and Edmond holds the pads for you.’

Edmond has definitely done some great things for her boxing technique, that can’t be denied. Her combinations when she hits the pads are very impressive, but there are other elements that come with striking. It’s not just about throwing your hands and having the technique look good.”

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