Rockhold: Weidman has good fight IQ…until he gets hit

By bjpenndotcom - December 5, 2015

In the co-main event of UFC 194 Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold will square off in what is arguably one of the biggest UFC middleweight championship fights of all time.

Luke Rockhold

While the fight may have only been announced several months ago, Rockhold has known for quite a long time that he would fight Weidman one day.

He spoke to MMAFighting to discuss the fight, and why he feels he is superior to Weidman.

“There’s always been tension between me and Weidman,” he said. “We’ve known each other this whole time. I knew the fight was going to come and he knew it was going to come, just we didn’t know when and where. Now it’s come, and it’s for the world title on one of the biggest shows ever.”

“I understand the magnitude of what’s ahead, but a fight’s a fight,” he said. “I’ve watched the tapes of Weidman and it’s becoming that much more real, but it’s just a fight. I visualize every day putting myself in that arena and walking that walk.

“He’s got a decent fight IQ, until he gets hit,” said Rockhold. “If things don’t go his way, he sacks up and bites down on his mouthpiece and tries to be a tough guy. That’s where he’s really going to find trouble. I’m going to push him to that point, I’m going to outclass him, dominate him and finish him. Almost every time I see the fight, it comes out that way. I play it over-and-over in my head.”

While Rockhold will certainly be a tough test for Weidman, Weidman has been in the cage with some of the best fighters of all time.

Do you think Rockhold brings anything different to the table than any past fighters who have faced Weidman?

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