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Rockhold: Bisping Is Going To Pay For His Comments

“He doesn’t really want to say anything. That was it for me. Say you’re sorry. You had your opportunity, face-to-face, in the first time I’d seen him. He just kind of walked by me and didn’t say anything. Then he saw my friend in the parking lot and he’s like, ‘I hope Luke’s not still pissed about what I said.’

“You had the opportunity to say it to my face and you didn’t. Apologize. Be a man, and when he couldn’t spit that out, pretty much that’s it for me. If you give me a sincere apology and you tell me face-to-face, I’ll respect you. But I just can’t respect someone who’s going to (tell) a second-hand apology through a friend in the parking lot. It doesn’t fly.

“He’s going to pay for his comments. If he somehow scrapes by and outpoints Kennedy, he’s going to be in for it because he will not have the opportunity with me. I will lay it on him.”

Luke Rockhold really has a dislike for fellow UFC middleweight, Michael Bisping.

The two once trained together and during a sparring session ‘The Count’ got the better of Luke. Neither fighter disputes that fact. But Bisping really rubbed Luke the wrong way when he went and told the media about it, throwing Rockhold under the bus.

This is a grudge match in the making folks and make no mistake about it, this fight happening in the future is highly probable.

(Props to MMAJunkie.com for the interview, read it in full HERE.)


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