Rousey’s Mom Responds To Twitter Troll –– ‘Edmond’s Done Nothing’

By BJPENN.COM News - October 14, 2015

Ronda Rousey’s mom, Dr. De Mars, surprised many when she did an interview and completely went off on Edmond Tarverdyan, Ronda’s head coach, calling him a bad person and a terrible coach.

From the sounds of things, this is something she’s been thinking for a while and just now getting it off her chest and making public comments about it. She went on to say that he won the lottery when Rousey went to him and explained how he wouldn’t even give her the light of day when she first showed up.

Following that interview a twitter troll, which is someone who’s just looking to get a reaction out of you, poked at Dr. De Mars, telling her that Edmond has done everything for Rousey.

Yeah, Momma Rousey wasn’t having that, check out her response:

The troll is obviously clueless, not knowing the medals came prior to Edmond, or even how to spell Edmond, or that Ronda has a power agent booking her movie roles. Pointless rant from SuperCalo here, and a job well done by momma Rousey.

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