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Renzo Breaks His Silence – ‘I Never Hit That Chicken Of A Bouncer’

“It was nothing much, in reality. People made the thing become big. The DA (district attorney) saw me there and decide to call the press, make the drama and say that we were doing a gang assault. A gang assault is defined by three people beating up one individual and causing him serious injuries. Which never happened. Now that they watched the tapes, they realized that nothing happened but me taking the guy down, mounting him and when I was going to start beating him up, he said to me, ‘Why you doing this? I don’t know you, why are you beating me up?’

You have to understand one thing, in my life, I promise that I will never hit someone who chickens out. The guy chicken out, he asked for a towel. He asked to leave, I couldn’t hit him, I just stood up. At the same time, an amazing bouncer that I know for a long time, he came up and said, ‘Renzo why are you doing this? This guy has a mouth on him and he does nothing but insult people.’ So, I stood up and I said, ‘Nat, I didn’t know you were working tonight, so I’m out of here and I apologize to you and I apologize coming to your place without talking to you first. I walked away but the other guy got up and called the other bouncers which were around 20 of them and was telling them to attack us. So, as were trying to make it to the car, the bouncers are coming after us. So, we were just holding our ground and walking back until the cops arrived. When the cops arrived, he made a huge scandal that got us arrested.

Now I realize that many times in the justice system, even though its a good and efficient one, it doesn’t work. We were the only ones arrested. If there was any gang assault, it was the three guys jumping on Igor. Luckily nobody hit nobody. The whole time, it was nothing but grab each other with no kicking and punching. The only time someone took someone down was me. The altercation was directly with this person that is accusing us because everybody that was coming to the door, he was very rude to them. For you to have an idea. I just got invited to a dinner by 15 bouncers and I can bring anybody from my university because they said, ‘We wish for a long time that this happened to this guy.’ That’s how much he is hated in the industry. Unfortunately, the owner of the 1OAK didn’t realize he was at the door.

I was standing there, and I saw a lady come, and it’s funny because she looks just like the DA that is charging us. And told her that, I told her that I wanted to come in and she said, ‘You cannot come in honey.’ I asked why and she said, ‘Because you are fat and ugly.’ I saw them insulting so many people. So I felt that if this guy runs his mouth on me, I am going to hit him. But he was such a chicken that I didn’t have a chance to hit him. But like a see a coward, is like a bag of poop. I can not dirty my hands. So after he made all this drama, he chickened out. Now he is claiming he is going to sue me. I want to know for what? He didn’t even get hurt. Maybe for sitting on him. This guy is 230 pounds and 6’2 or 6’3 and he chicken out. That’s the nightmares I have. I hope I never have a son like that.

That was it, nobody hurt. They made a huge drama and they accused me of gang assault. My whole life, even when with my brothers, we had a meeting, that even if I am there, you are going to fight until the end. If your situation is too bad, the best that I can do to help you is to pull your opponent away and tell him the fight is over and he won. That’s it. I’m never jumping in to hit the guy or kick him. The fight is one-on-one and that is exactly what happened. It was me and him, and I have it on tape. It was me and him.”

In an interview on today’s ‘The MMA Hour’ Renzo Gracie discussed the brawl that got him locked up in a New York jail last week and a court date on possible felony charges.

The BJJ master went to court on Friday, but was postponed to a later date.

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